Exciting Announcement

We are pleased and excited to announce that our practice has acquired the latest in NO RADIATION imaging technology for the best possible care for you, our patients.

We now have the TITAN SPECTRA CAMX, a camera that can “see” decay in the top groove surfaces of the teeth. The grooves of teeth are prone to staining. Since traditional x-rays are not able to pick smaller chewing surfaces cavities, these stains are often difficult to differentiate: is it stain or is it decay? The CamX is able to distinguish this difference. Through color coding, we can now know precisely what is going on. Green and blue is healthy tooth, red is beginning enamel decay, and shade of orange and yellow are more established decay.

We also have the CariVu system. This system uses a near-infrared light to find and pinpoint location of decay between teeth as well as finding cracks in teeth that are not visible by eye. We can now find decay earlier than before. More healthy tooth structure can be preserved.

X-rays are still necessary to monitor bone levels as well as to find any abcesses or infections, but in tandem with these new additions, we can confidently say that we are offering the best diagnosis possible.